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Classic car repairs, disassembly, sandblasting of parts, car body, and frame welding, removal of corrosion spots, body paintwork


Car restoration

If you are looking for professionals to completely restore your classic car, our “Feniks garage” team can do it! Our rich experience and strong manufacturing base enable us to restore even the most complex classic cars. 

Full car restoration – is a full car disassembly and its all parts restoration, and fixing or replacement with the new ones.  

Before the restoration commences we always conduct a detailed survey/research to establish the original state and specification of the car. We are attentive to customer wishes thus we discuss in advance before deciding should the car be left in as original condition as possible or should some systems be modified for the car to gain higher value. Quality of our work is of the highest standard and consistent with car technology. 


Metal fabrication

We undertake various metal fabrications related to cars and motorbikes. Our solid manufacturing base and experience allow completing the intricate tasks, such as car body parts manufacturing and repairs. 

When restoring a very old car the shortage of parts is common. Parts get damaged due to corrosion or harm in the accidents, and then often no manufacturer or dealer has them. 

We can fabricate car body parts out of aluminum or steel sheets from a template or by casting mirror parts. We restore under-body panels and construction components.


Reconstruction and modification

Our biggest pride and joy is car body modifications. We have reconstructed and modified many cars according to our customer's wishes and instructions.

For example, Body lines changes, car suspension lowering (the drop), engine modification, brakes and wheelbase reconstruction, interior modifications, additional equipment installation, etc. You have a dream – we will fulfill it!

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